I’m Luke and I am a graphic designer involved with the SEEM collective

I studied graphic design at NCAD, and graduated in 2021. So far, I have worked with some notable clients such as Circle K, HSE and Amazon.

What do I do?

I work as a graphic designer and design tutor which means I work directly with clients to create a visual outcome. Usually designers work to a brief and need to work to a tight deadline.

What topics do I tackle?

I look at the social and mental aspects of living through my work. My final year college project tackled the struggles of being left-handed in a society of right-hand dominance. Since graphic design is a visual way to communicate, I capture ways to communicate through type and illustration, as well as use of colour.

What will the future hold for practitioners?

The future for young creatives is very bright. Since we live in a diverse culture, and businesses and cities need designers to come up with creative ideas to help those with mental and/or physical disabilities, to design for people of all ages and genders, where individuals can fit in comfortably alongside others.

NCAD Final Year Work

Professional Work